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INKCHIP - Chipless & Adjustment Program Solution
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read failed 01 epson wf 5710

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Hola! Necesito ayuda. Instale el firmware que se muestra en la pagina y luego abri el instalador y aparece read failed - 1. Busqué en el foro y encontré otro firmware de mi impresora epson 5710 y decia que se debía instalar con la impresora prendida en modo normal, lo cual no resultó, ya que desde que instale el firmware anterior, mi pc solo reconoce la impresora cuando esta en modo instalación de archivos (power+job status+4+7). Asi que ya no se que mas hacer. Tengo la key comprada. No se si el error se debe a que no me queda tinta en los cartuchos antiguos o por que. Quedo atenta a su respuesta. 

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On Epson wf5710 when flashing into chipless version, when activated there is an error "Wrong ID printer from the printer" or "Reading failed 1". Also, the problem described here can manifest itself in the form that after successful flashing and activation of the printer still requires the installation of ink cartridges.

Your original firmware cannot be downgraded to earlier versions, and our chipless firmware is an earlier version. 

Basic concepts of the solution:
- Standard InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into the printer using Firmware Mode.
- 99 InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into Normal Mode.
- Firmware Mode - special mode for updating printer firmware, which is activated when a certain key combination is pressed.
- Normal Mode - normal mode of operation of the printer, simple switching on the printer with the power button.

Algorithm for solving the problem:
1. Check and memorize the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed is the original non-update version.
2. Flash printer 99 with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode.
3. When trying to activate the firmware with the Activation program and the activation code, the program will generate the Reading failed 1.
4. Start flashing the printer 99 again with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode. When the firmware status in Firmware Mode reaches 100%, and the printer display finishes counting the percentage of the firmware status, you need to pull out the power cable of the printer.
5. Connect the power cable and turn on the printer. Recovery Mode will appear on the display.
6. Flash the printer with Inkchip firmware in Recovery Mode.
7. Check the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed must be different from the non-renewable firmware version. This version is the chipless firmware version of InkChip.
8. Activate chipless firmware with the Activation program.

This is just an example of a process. It doesn't matter what model of printer you have. This video is in Russian, but you can turn on English subtitles.



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My printer XP-434 failed when activate. " Reading Failed -1 "



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Please try this new file for you.
1) Upload firmware which I sent
2) Switch on in normal mode(!!!!) just turn on button . - dont put printer in Program Update mode. (no need to press few buttons while turn on the printer)
The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% - it is ok!
Open task manager and stop updater process.
Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF.
Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed in your printer!

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Your all firmware version 99 you sent are not work with my Epson XP-434.

My solution is I manage to download firmware from another seller reset chip : That is MO23HA version. This work for me now.

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On 3/10/2021 at 7:55 PM, Hesham said:

  WhatsApp Image 2021-01-12 at 9.51.30 AM.jpeg 

Make sure that you are using a functioning USB cable and that the slot works.
Also, see if the computer itself sees your printer in the "Devices and Printers" menu.

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Vamos lá pessoal. Demorei mas consegui resolver essa situação executando os seguintes passos:

Primeiramente eu atualizei a impressora ligada normalmente com esse executável de outra empresa que faz o desbloqueio (creio que ele faz o downgrade da versão original mais antiga).


Ele aparece no visor da máquina que está atualizando o firmware.

Ele não vai até 100%. Mais ou menos em 87% pode remover ele da execução. Ao reiniciar o equipamento está tudo certo.

Logo em seguida eu fiz a atualização normal em modo de atualização de firmware com o link abaixo

Entrando no modo 4+7+Status+Power


Com esse ativador


Aqui deu tudo certo...espero que dê aí também.

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