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  1. In the video guide it shows that you don't need it to load 100%. When the load gets stuck at 75-85%, that's okay! You will need to pull the cable out at that point and put it back in. Then turn the printer on just using the power button. Watch the video please:
  2. ¡Hola! Pruebe este archivo actualizado con el firmware sin chip: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_WF2630_v1.rar 1) Cargue el firmware sin chip que se adjunta arriba. 2) Encienda la impresora en el MODO NORMAL (usando solo el botón de encendido). No ponga la impresora en el MODO DE ACTUALIZACIÓN. El proceso de carga se atascará en un 75-85 %, eso está bien. 3) Con el uso del administrador de tareas, detenga el proceso de carga. La impresora parpadeará durante unos 5-15 minutos. Luego debería apagarse automáticamente. 4) Ahora encienda la impresora. ¡Se debe instalar el firmware sin chip! 5) Ejecute el software de activación para insertar su clave de activación. ¡Déjame saber el resultado! ¡Gracias!
  3. Hello! I am not sure that understood your question. Please clarify.
  4. Hello! Please specify your printer model and which mode did you install the firmware in.
  5. Hello! We have already replied to you on this issue by e-mail.
  6. Hello! Could you please make a screenshot of the error so I can see it? Thank you.
  7. Unfortunately, we don’t have Chipless Firmware for WF-7310. Keep an eye on our website for updates!
  8. Hello! Please contact our support team at support@inkchip.net Thank you.
  9. Hello! What exactly is your problem? Can you send me a screenshot of the error so I can help you?
  10. Hello! You need to enter the code without extra spaces in front and at the end of the code. Try entering it again.
  11. Hello! The original firmware of your printer cannot be downgraded to earlier version. Please, follow the instructions below. The firmware, which you need to use: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_2022June_WF5790_v1.rar Algorithm for solving the problem: 1) Check and memorize current firmware version of your printer. 2) Start installing the firmware in the Firmware Mode (by pressing a certain button combinations) 3) When the firmware installation reaches 100% you need to disconnect the power cable from your printer. Wait for about 10 seconds and then plug the cable in. A message will appear on your printer screen, saying that the printer is in Recovery Mode. 4) Start installing the Inkchip firmware again, wait for the firmware to load, your printer will shut down. Turn your printer on. 5) Check your printer's firmware version. It must be different. This means that the process was successful. 6) Now you need to use the Activation Program from our website and activate it with the key. After the activation you have to reboot your printer. The chipless firmware is installed on your printer! Please watch the instruction video from our YouTube channel for a clear explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7qWYWjMNFQ This is just an example of the process, it does not matter which model of printer you have.
  12. Hello! Try to install the firmware in recovery mode.
  13. Lamentablemente, no tenemos ninguna solución para tu modelo de impresora. Mantente atento a nuestro sitio web para estar al día.
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