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  1. Hi! Have you checked whether the cartridges is not damaged? Are ink channels, print head ok?Did you have any problems with white ink before?
  2. Hi! Which solution have you tried to use? WIC? Please send the screenshot to our support team email, they will help you to deal with the key
  3. Hi! You have to get the latest updates from Microsoft, your version doesn’t let you install the packages
  4. INKCHIP FIX - Reset Firmware – change the basic software that will recognize the cartridge as being full.
  5. Good afternoon! Unfortunately, for a new printer you need a new key. Our policy does not allow us to re-send keys for free.
  6. Hi! Please tell me your order number. We will check your order.
  7. Good Day! To extract a file you need to use any archiver. For example, WinRAR or other...
  8. Hi! Have you turned the antivirus off?
  9. Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have solution for this model
  10. Hi! Have you tried to reinstall the firmware?
  11. Hi! Could you please send the screenshot?
  12. Hi! Please tell me your printer model. Also check the internet connection.
  13. Good afternoon! Download chipless firmware and activation instructions for your printer model on our website. Follow the link: https://inkchip.net/soft/
  14. Good Morning! To extract a file you need to use any archiver. For example, WinRAR or other...
  15. With the printer powered on, remove the power cord from the back. Wait 2 minutes. Plug back in the power cord and power it on. Do you still have the error?
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