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  1. Hi! Unfortunately, there is no solution for the WF7820 on our website.
  2. Hi! You should install the chipless firmware in NORMAL mode instead of UPDATE mode. Please read the instruction from our website carefully: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP Instruction Method 14 (for 99 firmware).pdf Also, please watch the video guide from our official YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/oF0DsDVPT7k
  3. Hi! In order for the WIC utility to work properly, you will need to install the Microsoft C++ x64 and x86 packages. It is a special extension that the program works with. You will receive a link to install the packages in your email after your order. Be warned!!! Do not use the WIC key until you are sure that the packages are installed and the program works correctly. This may cause the key to break.
  4. Admin

    activation code

    Hello! It usually takes 15 minutes.
  5. La clave que está utilizando no es compatible con este modelo.
  6. Hello! Tell us ,please,what mode did your install firmware in?Normal or updated?
  7. Hello! Yes, it will. Our firmware is designed to work with any kind of cartridges!
  8. Make sure you used a usb cable when installing the firmware and have a stable internet.You need to activate yhe progtamm to get rid of this error.
  9. You have to put the key (not serial number) in the pop up window after the clicking on the activation online button. Please,watch the video instruction attentively and follow all the steps. https://youtu.be/oF0DsDVPT7k YouTube (https://youtu.be/oF0DsDVPT7k)
  10. Firmware is solution for cartridges.If you want to solve problem with maintance box you need another our solution-WIC utility.
  11. What solution did you buy?If it is WIC utility,you have to install Microsoft packages which were in the instruction.
  12. Hi! You received the firmware download file in another email. Please check your inbox.
  13. Please watch the video guide from our official YouTube channel: In the video guide it shows that you don't need it to load 100%. When the load gets stuck at 75-85%, that's okay! You will need to pull the cable out at that point and put it back in. Then turn the printer on just using the power button. You are inserting the key in the wrong place. You need to click the "activate online" button and insert the key in the pop-up window.
  14. Hi! Please tell me your printer model. What mode did you install the firmware in? Normal Mode or Update Mode? Try to install the firmware in Normal Mode.
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