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  2. Make sure you read the instructions from the letter. Are you sure the reset was successful, did you check the ink level immediately after the reset?
  3. Hello! Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this model. Follow our site for new updates. https://inkchip.net/
  4. Last week
  5. I installed the WIC software for a relative recently, but there seem to be 2 counters, and only 1 reset at the time, but this allowed printing for a little bit longer, now the second counter has reached 100% while the other is showing 3.07%, the printer won't print again. I've checked it was done correctly and it matches the YouTube video for how to do this process, but at the bottom of the email is a link to firmware updates too. Is this required, as the WIC video didn't show it? She has emailed support, but the response didn't feel as though the person had read the email, but we really need to fix the printer as soon as possible, and I'm not sure how best to go about fixing it now Thank you
  6. I'm having the same issue. I installed the firmware and then...I paid for the activation but it pops up in a different language. When I press English...it closes. Beyond frustrated
  7. I am attempting to enter my activation code and when I do, I get the following: Activation write failed - 2. not sure what to do next
  8. Hello! Check your email, after payment you will receive an email with instructions and a key.
  9. Hello, I bought your reset key but when I download the software, I just find an icon and nothingelse. I have a 64-bit operating system. Why does not work? thank you
  10. ¡Hola! Hemos respondido a su pregunta por correo electrónico. ¡El problema ha sido resuelto!
  11. Hello! The original firmware of your printer cannot be downgraded to earlier version. Please, follow the instructions below. The firmware, which you need to use: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_WF2860_v4. Algorithm for solving the problem: 1) Check and memorize current firmware version of your printer. 2) Start installing the firmware in the Firmware Mode (by pressing a certain button combinations) 3) When the firmware installation reaches 100% you need to disconnect the power cable from your printer. Wait for about 10 seconds and then plug the cable in. A message will appear on your printer screen, saying that the printer is in Recovery Mode. 4) Start installing the Inkchip firmware again, wait for the firmware to load, your printer will shut down. Turn your printer on. 5) Check your printer's firmware version. It must be different. This means that the process was successful. 6) Now you need to use the Activation Program from our website and activate it with the key. After the activation you have to reboot your printer. The chipless firmware is installed on your printer! Please watch the instruction video from our YouTube channel for a clear explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7qWYWjMNFQ This is just an example of the process, it does not matter which model of printer you have.
  12. Admin

    activation code

    Contacte o apoio ao cliente e não se esqueça de indicar o número da encomenda: info@inkchip.net
  13. Sto cercando di installare il vostro firmware nella mia stampante, una Epson WF-2860-DW, che è collegata al mio pc via LAN, tramite Powerline. Vi descrivo la procedura usata: Accendo la stampante, che ha il suo Firmware aggiornato alla versione LQ03N3. Spengo la stampante, scollego il cavo LAN e collego quello USB, TOLGO LE CARTUCCE, PERCHÈ IL PUNTO 8 DEL VOSTRO MANUALE RIPORTA: "È IMPORTANTE! Non accendere la stampante dopo l'attivazione del firmware senza che i materiali di consumo siano stati installati. Potrebbe causare il malfunzionamento della testina di stampa della stampante.", ma precedentemente NON VIENE DETTO QUANDO VANNO SCOLLEGATE! La accendo, non gradisce l'assenza delle cartucce, vado comunque avanti, lancio il file INKCHIP.net_Firmware_WF2860.exe->Avanti, seleziono "Accetto"->Avanti. Nella schermata successiva non posso selezionare la stampante, e in "Stato" viene riportato "Declassato (impossibile aggiornare)". A questo punto dovete dirmi con precisione QUANDO devo togliere le cartucce. Cosa posso fare? Spero di non dover reinstallare la stampante con il collegamento USB.
  14. Buenas, detallo un poco el problema, trate de comunicarme por los otros medios pero no he podido tener una respuesta. Compre la llave para actualizar y sacar el problema de la gota de tinta a mi impresora epson XP231, el firmware se descarga bien, pero la activacion me da error de lectura y pues no me genera la actualizacion ni deja poner el codigo comprado. Agradeceria un monton si me pueden ayudar a resolver ese problema.
  15. Acabei de comprar também e ainda não obtive a chave senha não chegou no meu e-mail vivianouromel@gmail.com e já foi debitado no meu cartão de credito.
  16. Hello! Please try this updated file with the Chipless Firmware: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_XP255_v1.rar 1) Upload the Chipless Firmware which is attached above. 2) Turn on the printer in the NORMAL MODE (using only the power button). Do not put the printer in the UPDATE MODE. The loading process will get stuck at 75-85% - that is OK. 3) With the use of the task manager stop the loading process. Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes . It should then turn off automatically. 4) Now turn on the printer - Chipless Firmware should be installed! 5) Run the Activation Software to insert your Activation Key.
  17. Hello! Unfortunately, we don’t have any solution for this printer model.
  18. I have tried multiple times to install firmware with same results. At 99% completion, I get the following pop-up message: The Printer's firmware was not updated. The firmware update did not complete. Try the following, then click [Retry]. - Ensure that the printer is connected (USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet) to the computer. - Ensure that the printer is powered on. Click [Retry] to perform the update again Click [next] to continue processing. I am using Windows 10. I tried to install firmware by another PC ant it gives me the same error. I follewed carefully the instrucions even by youtube. I can see the printer so it is clearly plugged in and turned on. It is connected USB to the computer.
  19. Hi there, Is there any software or firmware for Epson XP2205 Expression Home? Thanks
  20. Noted, Please update as soon as possible. Currently I have 4 unit of this printer to be made a chipless. Hope to hear a good news from you soon. Thanks
  21. Hello! Unfortunately, we don’t have any solution for this printer model yet. Thanks!
  22. Because of the latest Epson update, this feature may not be available when the firmware version is downgraded. This problem may be solved with a new version of chipless firmware so keep an eye on the website for updates.
  23. Hello! Please follow our website for updates.
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