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  2. hola soy sordomudo pregunto para mi impresora xp 241 esta numeros clave frimware por favor ayudame sordomudo.....
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  4. For the code to be recognized you have to click on activate online and then insert the key in the popup window.
  5. If your printer is not showing up in the window to select this might be because there are too many printers on the "Devices and printers" menu. That's what might help you: turn off your printer, go to PC and remove all printers that may be in the "Devices and Printers" menu, then turn your printer on, then open the software again and it might appear normally. For the code to be recognized you have to click on activate online and then insert the key in the popup window.
  6. Es necesario instalar ambos paquetes de Microsoft Visual C++ x64 y x86. ¿Qué tipo de error está recibiendo?
  7. Hola enfrento el mismo problema, después de instalar la aplicación de Microsoft e instalar el WIC no funciona y sigue em mismo error E-11. El tampón de la impresora necesita repararse contacte con EPSON. Imagen
  8. I purchased an activation code for my xp15000. When I go to enter the code to activate the drop down box is blank. and it says to chose a device nothing is there to choose the code can not be recognized.
  9. The firmware has installed properly. When I click on Activate Online, it stops responding.
  10. It is doing the same exact thing. updating client then asks to rerun program.
  11. Hello, Send me the screenshot please. Have you installed the firmware successfully?
  12. Hello, Try this new activation program please: https://inkchip.net/download/activation.rar
  13. Hello, Unfortunately, our support team works in English or Spanish only. Please, contact them via this email, they will help you with your order: support@inkchip.net
  14. Hello, The problem is in your internet connection. Please, check whether it is stable or try to use another network.
  15. Hello, Send me the screenshot of the error please. Is your usb connection stable? Does your computer see the printer? Check everything and install the firmware in normal mode. To install the firmware in normal mode means to use only the power button. Watch this video please: https://youtu.be/oF0DsDVPT7k Here’s the new firmware: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_WF5290_v1.rar
  16. I cannot get the activation to work. WF - 2860 When I open the activation file, it looks very different from the one in the directions. I cannot click on activate online. The programs then (is not responding). It tells me my activation code is wrong.
  17. Thanks for that. I got the firmware to update but now the activation program keeps freezing when I click activate online. I've turned off antivirus protection as well.
  18. Hello! i have a problem my printer is a wfc5290 i always use your software and never i had a problem until today i start the firmware ressette software and the software don't read or find the printer. i use the alternative metod of using the recovery mode and the printer turn off an everything and when i try to use the activation app send me me a message of "read failled 1" please help me
  19. Hello! Please tell me your printer model so I can send you the updated firmware.
  20. It is a continual loop...attempt to activate, updates client, says to rerun.
  21. Hello, I am trying to install the inchip program and while I am running the activation program while using the usb to connect to the printer, when i press generate or activate online I get the message 'read failed', and when I use the activation key i get the message 'activation code cannot be recognized'. Please let me know how to proceed. Order # 440958
  22. Hello! You are inserting the key in the wrong place. You need to click the "activate online" button and insert the key in the pop-up window. Make sure you remove the extra space at the beginning. I also advise you not to put a picture of your key on the net unless you want someone to steal it.
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