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  2. Meu codigo estar dano erro na hora de fazer o reset dar invalido
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  4. activation not responding I"ve rebooted my computer several times and it keeps doing the same thing please help
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  7. Hello! Please email us at support@inkchip.net and send us your order number, screenshot of the error and your printer model. Thank you.
  8. Hello! This might be because there are too many printers on “Devices and printers” menu. That’s what might help you: turn off your printer, go to PC and remove all printers that may be in "Devices and Printers" menu, then turn your printer on, then open the software again and it might appear normally.
  9. I cannot get inkchip to recognize my epson xp 15000. I can get to step 5 but it will never recognize my printer. I have it hooked to my computer via usb. I have powered down, restarted, removed and reinstalled and nothing. Any ideas to help me?
  10. Each time I try to use the Activation program, the program freezes and stops responding.
  11. Hello! In the popup window where it says input your SN you need to copy and paste the activation code you purchased from us. Error 10060 means that, you might have problem with internet connection, check your internet. The launcher is unable to update or communicate with the server. Disable anti-virus or use another internet. No internet connection or server down.
  12. Hello! Because of the latest Epson update, the LAN connection may not work. Use a printer connected via wi-Fi or USB.
  13. Hello! Because of the latest Epson update, the LAN connection may not work. Use a printer connected via wi-Fi or USB.
  14. Hi, i have the same problem in four printers, 2 c5290 and 2 c5790. I need speed in data transmission, because in this way are very slow and y need one solution.
  15. I am new to the system and I am trying to get printing, my activation is not working and it’s telling me to input your SN? I paid my code given to me after purchase and it then tells me get active code online, but I cannot put anything in the space provided, it then tells me communication failed 10060
  16. Hello! Unfortunately, I can’t see the error photo. Could you please describe in more detail which error you received?
  17. Hello! Please contact us via mail, we will resend your key
  18. Admin

    activation code

    Hello! Tell me please your name or phone number on which the order was placed.
  19. buenas tardes tengo una epson wf5290 y realizo todo el tutorial que esta en la pagina pero al momento de abrir el software de activacion me sale un codigo de error .
  20. anka0889

    activation code

    Good afternoon, I did not receive the order code number 573973 . mail anka0889@gmail.com
  21. I have no code in my email, I need this fast. Last time i purchase it was within minutes. It does say 15 minutes. email Ksicairos@yahoo.com order #573949
  22. The email I received did not contain the code, I have email support, I have send a whatsapp message and still no respond
  23. Excelente aporte amigo, estaba a punto de volverme loco, pude solucionar con tus incaciones, mil gracias.
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  25. Hello! Unfortunately, we don’t have any solutions for your printer model. Keep an eye on our website for updates!
  26. Have you all got the firmware for the WF7310 yet?
  27. All software, instructions are freely available on the website.
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