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  2. the waste ink cartridge is not reset when a new one is installed on wf 7210 inkchip activated. I need to write firmware with no activatio, then it reset, and after it i do activation.
  3. I’m trying to download the firmware for WF-2850 but it says it can’t be opened... is there a specific app that i need to have in order for it to work?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Good day the activator cannot recognize the device wf5790
  6. Epson C5290, I purchased inkchip key and tried na firmware on update mode and I cant get to activate it because it keeps saying "client updated, please re-run" I also disabled my antivirus.
  7. Last week
  8. Hi! Have you checked whether the cartridges is not damaged? Are ink channels, print head ok?Did you have any problems with white ink before?
  9. Follow Step by Step Guide to make your XP-4100 chipless - http://www.2manuals.com/product_info.php?cPath=107&products_id=1945
  10. Hi all, EPSON XP 15000 I am a newbee to thiS site and this is my 1st experience with chipless. install and as per instruction update firmware and after that activate. all those process after i face white ink problem. whatever i can print white its not print. i used acro rip10.3 for white ink. i also try print test print but except white ink all color print working fine. anyone suggest what's real problem.
  11. No printers show up on list to install activation Key ,Firmware was updated to that point -Running Windows 11 Pro (full Version) Spent 2 weeks trying to fix it but no go. Any help would be Great , thank you!
  12. so frustrating. ive purchased and downloaded everything wont find printer to enter the activation code
  13. Hi! Which solution have you tried to use? WIC? Please send the screenshot to our support team email, they will help you to deal with the key
  14. Hi! You have to get the latest updates from Microsoft, your version doesn’t let you install the packages
  15. INKCHIP FIX - Reset Firmware – change the basic software that will recognize the cartridge as being full.
  16. Earlier
  17. Hello, The file I download from the website is a rar file. It does not launch as an exe. How do I load it? my code is not recognized in the activation window.
  18. Good afternoon! Unfortunately, for a new printer you need a new key. Our policy does not allow us to re-send keys for free.
  19. Hi! Please tell me your order number. We will check your order.
  20. Good Day! To extract a file you need to use any archiver. For example, WinRAR or other...
  21. Presento el mismo problema con una impresora XP-241 read failed 1 Ya realice todo lo visto en internet pero aun tengo la falla Que mas puedo hacer ?
  22. I went through all the steps, and then it said it couldn't communicate with my printer after I put in the key. Now when I try it again it says the key has already been used but it hasn't. I am requesting a refund or a new key at no cost.
  23. Oops! That should read Epson XP530 and apparently this is supported but the problem remains. The reported count seems a little different stating that 100% This counter has reached its limit........ followed by 0.29% This counter is OK. This is the code supplied which is reported to be invalid. However, after several attempts, I removed the leading dot and spaces which were always there even when not selected and now all is good. Not too obvious but now all fixed. Thank You.
  24. What the hell??? Did they take down the zip file posted by Viktor??? I am having same issue and this is the 2nd time I have bought this shitty firmware. How can this be fixed??
  25. Perhaps I should have checked before ordering but the option was not offered. Maybe I am not using the the code properly but it all seems straightforward apart from the fact that the code, 19 linked 8 character series, is returned as invalid. Am I missing something?
  26. Did anyone get a solution to fixing this problem? my WF 2850 won't print after installing the firmware.
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