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  3. Hi I've purchased the code and trying to activate. Order #16731 Flashed firmware as per docs. However when I try to activate I'm getting Wrong ID code. And activation program doesn't recognise the code. Printer model: 3720 Firmware version: CL03K7
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  5. Hi. Can i use my epson printer with chipless firmware on two different computers at the same time? or do i have to reinstall all over again on the other pc with a new activation key?
  6. Hello,Is there any software for WF2010? If not, do you have any plans for development?
  7. Good afternoon! Send a screenshot of the error so we can help you.
  8. Admin

    activation code

    Hi! Your key is in your email. Please check your incoming messages. We ship the keys within 24 hours after the purchase.
  9. ARK

    activation code

    [Order #15710] (January 18, 2021) still no key in email.
  11. I am working. I still had to run the activation program, which this time worked. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. So, I have uploaded the attached firmware to the printer without issue. The printer shows the firmware version as 30.74.CM27J5. After restarting the printer, I still have a cartridge error. Maintenance Error - Cannot recognize Ink Cartridge. Try installing again. Suggestions? Currently, I have color ink that this a non-Epson ink, the other inks are Epson 802XL.
  13. ¡Buenas tardes! Envíe una captura de pantalla del error para que podamos ayudarle.
  14. Hola. Por favor, pruebe este nuevo archivo para usted. https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_XP15000_v1.rar 1) Subir el firmware que envié 2) Encienda en el modo normal (!!!!) sólo encienda el botón . - No pongas la impresora en el modo de actualización del programa. (No hay necesidad de presionar algunos botones mientras se enciende la impresora) El proceso de carga se atascará en un 70-80% - ¡está bien! Abrir el administrador de tareas y detener el proceso de actualización. La impresora parpadeará durante unos 5-15 minutos y luego se apagará. Ahora enciende la impresora. ¡El firmware sin chip está instalado en tu impresora!
  15. Hi! Please try this new file for you. https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_WF4790_v1.rar 1) Upload firmware which I sent 2) Switch on in normal mode(!!!!) just turn on button . - dont put printer in Program Update mode. (no need to press few buttons while turn on the printer) The uploading process will stuck at 70-80% - it is ok! Open task manager and stop updater process. Printer will blink for about 5-15 minutes - then will power OFF. Now power on the printer - chipless firmware is installed in your printer!
  16. Tengo problemas al querer activar la xp 431, se apaga la impresora cuando presiono activación online y me marca que no la lee
  17. Firmware update went without issue. Firmware is at CM27KB. When I run the activation program (version which has a bunch of interface issues, and I click Generate a error appears: Wrong ID code. I have the printer connected via USB, I have run the program as an administrator as well as a regular user. What do need to do to activate?
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  19. I have explained my problem to customer service in detail and sent pics I have To printers the one with inkchip on it not Printing I have to of the same printer the other works fine printer number 1 works perfectly to when I take out inkchip so inkchip is the problem after waiting to get a response for half a day inkchip ask did I try both of them I told them everything sent them pics and they still don’t get it
  20. Hi! You can only install the firmware from a Windows PC.
  21. Hi! Have you tried this program on the second printer that works?
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