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  2. will it ever be possible to make the software for this printer...im so sad lol
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  4. i've been able to install the firmware on to the printer and don't know if the fact that the firmware doesn't recognize my current 3rd party ink cartridges when i turn the printer on might be a contributing factor to the inability to activate
  5. I cant get my epson to go to firmware mode. PLEASE HELP
  6. I read this about your key, "The key has a limited validity period". Does this mean the key only works for 30 day or how long does it work. What does it mean.
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  8. Same thing happens to me. I hit "activate online" and my printer turns off. error pops up and says "Read Failed - 1" Order 79495 Printer XP-430
  9. If I update a printer with your new firmware, can a connected user (in a small office shared printer setup) accidently overwrite the 'nochip' firmware by allowing the Epson standard printer drivers to do a 'update check' or is this facility disabled on the printer by your new firmware? I'd like to install updated printers in a couple of offices without relying on the staff to not mess things up with the new printers / firmware? I realise I can set the printer drivers to not check, but I cant keep every PC under my control. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm getting the exact some issue described in the first post, i update the the firmware, click finish in the program, press ok on my printer and it turns off. i turn the printer on and open the activation program, when i press generate or activate online I get the message 'read failed', and when I use the activation key i get the message 'activation code cannot be recognized'. Order #78592
  11. hola tengo problemas con la xp241, instalo el firmware adecuado y me sale error read failed -1, ya compre el codigo. ayuda porfavor
  12. I was encouraged to install the firmware of the Epson WF-5790, In the first step it gave me Error 00006, I managed to solve it, in recovery mode. Now I try to put in the Spanish language and only English and Japanese appear. I would like to know why I cannot choose in Spanish? I would like to solve this problem before purchasing the activation key. Thank you.
  13. I had trouble downloading and opening the files. What wasn’t told in the instructions is that you will need to download a zip/RAR file extractor app on your computer. I only found that out by searching through these forums. That should definitely be added to the instructions for downloading/installing. After hours of searching why I couldn’t see/open my download and downloading the app I finally could find my download. Problem was it was now saying it could not find my files when I clicked on the link. It was pure luck after trying many different things that I dragged and dropped the downloads folder from the app to a different folder on the computer, extracting the files and making it possible to run/install the firmware. It never fully “completed” the install, but from what I read that was perfectly fine. It took Several frustrating hours, but I was able to get everything working. Hopefully this helps someone in the future. Don’t give up!
  14. Thank You very much for replying!! Seeing as the revised executable and suggested steps above did not work; I decided to attempt with the Original code and instructions posted on the https://inkchip.net/soft/ page: NewWF-2850, WF-2851, WF-2855 Watch Download Download Download I followed the provided instructions from the web page INKCHIP_Instruction_WF4630.pdf; Which really didn't speak specifically to my printer in the instructions so I kind of made my own. For STEP 4. Enter the printer in firmware mode; I took the updated directions above applicable for the WF-2850 family and initiated the update from a normal startup. This worked because I did have Epson cartridges installed, so I was no longer receiving the invalid cartridge error once it started up, so I had a normal startup. I then initiated the INKCHIP.net_Firmware_WF2850.exe at Step 5 rather than stalling at 70 / 80%, the update ran to a clean end of job! I did see the “FINISHED” on the display, however there was no flickering or anything else, it displayed it's normal printer status window. After about five minutes I simply shut the printer down. Following again the INKCHIP_Instruction_WF4630.pdf instructions provided from the web page at Step 6 through Step 10 there were no differences! I hope these instructions might assist someone else with similar issues to what I had run into. I am a VERY HAPPY InkChip.Net customer 😉 Thanks again for all your input!
  15. Que tal gente de Inchip y del foro: Me anime a instalar el firmwarede la Epson WF-5790, En el primer paso me dio Error 00006, logre solucionarlo, en modo recovery. Ahora trato de poner en el lenguaje Español y solo me aparece Ingles y Japones. Quisiera saber porque no puedo elegir en español? Quisera solucionar este problema antes de comprar la clave de activacion. Muchas Gracias.
  16. Your original firmware cannot be downgraded to earlier versions, and our chipless firmware is an earlier version. Basic concepts of the solution: - Standard InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into the printer using Firmware Mode. - 99 InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into Normal Mode. - Firmware Mode - special mode for updating printer firmware, which is activated when a certain buttons combination is pressed. - Normal Mode - normal mode of operation of the printer, simple switching on the printer with the power button. Algorithm for solving the problem: 1. Check and memorize the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed is the original non-update version. 2. Flash printer 99 with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode. 3. When trying to activate the firmware with the Activation program and the activation code, the program will generate the Reading failed 1. 4. Start flashing the printer 99 again with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode. When the firmware status in Firmware Mode reaches 100%, and the printer display finishes counting the percentage of the firmware status, you need to pull out the power cable of the printer. 5. Connect the power cable and turn on the printer. Recovery Mode will appear on the display. 6. Flash the printer with Inkchip firmware in Recovery Mode. 7. Check the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed must be different from the non-renewable firmware version. This version is the chipless firmware version of InkChip. 8. Activate chipless firmware with the Activation program. https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_99_WF2850_v1.rar This is just an example of a process, it doesn't matter what model of printer you have. Please watch the video on our official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7qWYWjMNFQ And after that just ran again the inkchip firmware upload in normal mode.
  17. Hi! About this issue we have replied you on email.
  18. Final portion of the update, hits 99% complete....and then fails! Please help!!!
  19. Hi, I was correct in that the printer could NOT be updated due to the non-Epson print cartridges were still in the printer, (and thus Epson was complaining). Once I purchased Epson cartridges, the process began as one would expect! Problem now is, per directions above, the update did NOT get stuck between 70/80%, instead the update ran till about 98% and then complained it had not been successful?? Please assist!!
  20. Activation tool problem when I click activate online tool automatically (not responding) I have waited up to one hour nothing I have a Epson wf-2850 I can’t even enter my activation key
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  22. Hi Working wonderfully for me at present...better than I should expect I think...all my colours are showing full...but as I said I have printed quite a few Tri fold brochures using a lot of cyan...and the cartridge showed about 1/3 full when I finished printing so I clicked the "change cartridge" button so as to get the position for refill...didn't take the cartridge out but carefully filled the cartridge in position... as soon as I could see the cartridge was full I replaced the bung clicked finished and it showed full again...thought how wonderful if it could be if they all did that...well I just finished printing all black page's with some white text yellow picture's and text and sure enough the black cartridge showed a small amount left in the cartridge after printing about 12 A5 pages filled it the same way again clicked on finish on the printer menu boom back to full...the reason I'm pleased is that in my understanding the Ink's should be showing full at all times and not reporting how much ink you have used ?... when I look at the menu to show how much Ink has been used (computer software and printer screen they show used amounts with all colour's (as they did originally) however when I fill any of the ink cartridge's They all show full ink once again...I will have to try and remember the position of the inks before filling...like I said it's working great for me...Hope yours come's back from Epson ready to go again...if only Epson would look at trying to stop Fleecing user's of their Printers with outrageous prices on their inks all this could go away. Regards Terry
  23. Has anyone gotten this process to successfully complete? Mine states "The firmware update printer could not be updated": I wonder if the issue is that I am NOT currently using EPSON Ink, so the printer is still attempting to use the Non-Epson Ink I previously had installed? Perhaps this is the "Ensure that the printer is not middle of the setup."? Please help!
  24. I am getting Wrong ID code after uploading firmware on printer to activate. Order number # 72352
  25. Thanks for the info @Terry Sadly had to send my printer for repair to Epson. Hope its all working 100% for you without any errors. What do you think about the Chipless menu, do you like it?
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