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  1. inkchip are gone contact your bank for refunds
  2. Jenna the files should be a rar file and a few other system files dont open the files you got
  3. This your question Then Answer Hi! After installing chipless firmware, be sure to turn off the automatic printer update in the settings! Otherwise you will lose the firmware. And you say this You mean settings in the Windows driver? My question clearly asks whether it is possible to prevent unskilled/ clueless users from needing to do this - ie with a setting on the printer. Is this possible? I hope your unskilled/ clueless workers do indeed cost you money lots of money
  4. I have spent all day on this problem, trying all sorts, downgrading firmware in the hope thats your flash would sort it out. IT DOES NOT WORK for everyone. I will be taking my money back thro my bank
  5. i got an email about a different problem today looks russian now Hi Problem with internet connection, check your internet. The launcher is unable to update or communicate with the server. Disable anti-virus or use another internet. Чт, 16 сент. 2021 г. в 1:08 PM, Tonez Philips Sent from Mail for Windows -- Sincerely yours, Kate Mirosh Inkchip corp. WhatsApp/Viber: +372 8173 0240 Wechat: Inkchip.net
  6. If you update the printer from the internet it makes the whole point worthless, it is clearly espressed that you turn off updates from epson, you can reflash the printer but I dont know how to because I saw and understood the point of the the various warnings on not allowing the printer to update. IDIOTs beware
  7. welcome to the club people, we are all having problems go here https://inkchip.net/soft/ and download the 3 files for your printer, extract them and save in one folder - or move them to one folder, then run the firmware update( we all have different printers) once complete double click the activation and choose your language and activate online enter your code and OK
  8. Bro the email you got sent the email to copy the key to notepad and copy and paste if from their
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