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  1. Got It, think the user manual is not correct, anyway after opening " inkchip.net_activation.exe" it did not work so I closed that program. Shut off my printer and put it on again in regular mode. Then I flashed the firmware once again in regular mode, opened " inkchip.net_activation.exe" eh voila I could online activate and now it works. Everything O.K. now, just waiting for my new ink suply now.
  2. Hello, Trying to activate the chipless firmware on a epson xp-15000 printer. Activation tool does not work I get a message " Read Failes -1 " see in the forum there are more people with this error but no real solution. Removed all my printers and installed the printer again still nothing tried it on an Empty Surface Pro still nothing and if I try to paste and activate it tells me " activation code can not be recognize ". Please Guys can you help me. Regards.
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