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Firmware Install Errors out at 99% Epson WF-3730

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When I try to install the firmware, it completes to 99% and then says the install has failed. 

Windows 11, Epson WF-3730 with (unfortunately) the latest firmware from Epson.

Please help!

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Success!  For all the others struggling with this issue - hang in there!  This firmware solution really does work, but the install is buggy as all get out!

Step one - Run the firmware install program.  It will stall at about 71% after the printer has turned off and back on.  Start Windows Task Manager (Press Ctrl + Alt + Del together and select Task Manager.)  Sometime around 80% the printer will make one last sound.  End the InkChip task before you get the error message.  If you let the error come up, the program will set the "failed" flag and the Activation program will not run. 

Step 2 - Run the Activation program.  (It looks different than the example in the instructions on the "soft" tab.)  You will need the Serial Number of your printer and the Activation Key from your Activation e~mail.  Select the "Activate online" button.  A window will appear saying to Input S/N.  Type in your printer's Serial number and select "OK"  You will get an error that the Serial Number is invalid, but the serial number will appear in the top box (Serial & ID Code box) along with some computer language codes.  Select "Cancel" on the Input S/N window.   You're halfway there!

Step 3 - Tap the second empty open box (Activation Code box) to move your cursor to the Activation key portion.  Tap the "Activate online" key again.  The Input S/N window will reappear.  This time enter your Activation Key exactly as it appears in the e-mail.  (It's easiest to copy and paste it.)  Tap the "OK" button. You will get an invalid S/N error again.  Tap Cancel.  The lower open box will fill with computer codes representing your Activation Key.  IMPORTANT: Copy these codes and save them to a text document.  If for any reason your firmware gets updated by your printer's company, this is the only way you can reinstall the InkChip firmware WITHOUT having to buy a new key.

Step 4:  Underneath the Activation Code box, tap the Activate key.  You will get an Activation Complete message and your printer will restart. 

Happy, happy, JOY, JOY!  You've jumped through all the hoops and all ink cartridges will read as full all the time, and you can put any cartridge that fits in your printer. You can refill your own cartridges or buy filled after-market ones.  FREEDOM FROM TYRANNY!


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