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031008 Error    .  


Chipless firmware 


after the firmware, an error appeared.
was in the service center can not do anything. brushing the head does not help


photo_2021-08-14_01-11-47 (2).jpg

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Here are the steps you should follow:

1. The first thing that you need to configure is your ink cartridges. Main issues that persist is due to low ink cartridges, which is the major cause of printhead or print quality issues. Replace your ink to a new one or refill the ink cartridges to run smoothly on your print qualities. 

2. After you open your printer grab your printhead and slide it to the left. Make sure you shut off your printer to avoid any shock or physical damage. 

3. If you suspect your printhead is blocked, the first thing to do is print a nozzle check pattern to find out which colors are affected. Select Tools and then click on Print Quality report. 

4. If there are any error messages that appear on print quality report those error messages are to be resolved. And then select OK.  

5. Next, select Settings in the menu and then click Ok. 

6. Now choose tools and click Ok. 

7. Now in the tools menu select “Clean Printhead” and then click OK.

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Dia bom!
A chave vem automaticamente em alguns minutos.
Caso isso não aconteça, entre em contato conosco por e-mail support@inkchip.net  e envie uma confirmação do pedido, você será verificado

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