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I have tried multiple times to install firmware with same results.

At 99% completion, I get the following pop-up message:


The Printer's firmware was not updated.

The firmware update did not complete. Try the following, then click [Retry].

- Ensure that the printer is connected (USB/Wi-Fi/Ethernet) to the computer.

- Ensure that the printer is powered on.


Click [Retry] to perform the update again

Click [next] to continue processing.

There are no error codes.

I am using Windows 7.


I can see the printer so it is clearly plugged in and turned on.

It is connected USB to the computer.

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I am having the same issue, 99% & fail I've watched YouTube ect. Activation key worked fine. I have epson wf 2830

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Epson WF-7720. Wont go past 99%. I clicked retry and it started transmitting again but also printing gibberish on endless sheets. Now its stuck on 28%. Not sure what else to try. 


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On 12/29/2021 at 10:09 PM, hnet999 said:

same problem, seems many have the same problem.


I feel I got ripped off


You should convince that you install the chipless firmware in NORMAL mode instead of UPDATE mode.

Please read the instruction from our website carefully:

https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP Instruction Method 14 (for 99 firmware).pdf

Also, please watch the video guide from our official YouTube channel:


Let me know the result!
If it will be any troubles,write us!
Thank you!

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