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Failed activation

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Step 1
Download and extract Zip archive with WF-C5290 Firmware:


Step 2
Delete all USB printers installed on your PC except that You want to make chipless. Reboot PC, restart printer.

Step 3
Connect printer to PC (with Windows OS) by proper USB cable.
Disable all Epson processes and services. 

Step 4
Upload Firmware to printer in the NORMAL MODE (do NOT use service mode yet just start the printer with the power button). 

Step 5
When Firmware Update process is complete - printer will restart - usually it will take only a few minutes but can continue for 10-20 minutes in some rare cases. 
If process hangs - replug power cable and start printer manually.

Step 6
Now check current firmware version.
If NO - restart the printer and try once more time.

Step 7
Extract all files from License.zip archive to local folder on Your PC. Run activation.exe utility and click on Activate Online button and input Your Activation Key.

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