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fakhruddin indra

status cannot upgrade wf c5790

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On 9/26/2023 at 11:27 AM, fakhruddin indra said:

Dear team,  please status Downgrade(cannot update) during chipless proses at epson wfc5790spacer.png

Your original firmware cannot be downgraded to earlier versions, and our chipless firmware is an earlier version.  Basic concepts of the solution: 

- Standard InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into the printer using Firmware Mode. 

- 99 InkChip firmware. Chipless firmware, which must be loaded into Normal Mode. 

- Firmware Mode - special mode for updating printer firmware, which is activated when a certain buttons combination is pressed. 

- Normal Mode - normal mode of operation of the printer, simple switching on the printer with the power button.  

Algorithm for solving the problem: 

1. Check and memorize the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed is the original non-update version. 

2. Flash printer 99 with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode. 

3. When trying to activate the firmware with the Activation program and the activation code, the program will generate the Reading failed 1. 

4. Start flashing the printer 99 again with InkChip firmware in Firmware Mode. When the firmware status in Firmware Mode reaches 100%, and the printer display finishes counting the percentage of the firmware status, you need to pull out the power cable of the printer. 5. Connect the power cable and turn on the printer. Recovery Mode will appear on the display. 

6. Flash the printer with Inkchip firmware in Recovery Mode. 

7. Check the firmware version of the printer. The firmware version displayed must be different from the non-renewable firmware version. This version is the chipless firmware version of InkChip. 

8. Activate chipless firmware with the Activation program.




This is just an example of a process, it doesn't matter what model of printer you have. Please watch the video on our official YouTube channel: 


And after that just ran again the inkchip firmware upload in normal mode.

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