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  1. Thank You very much for replying!! Seeing as the revised executable and suggested steps above did not work; I decided to attempt with the Original code and instructions posted on the https://inkchip.net/soft/ page: NewWF-2850, WF-2851, WF-2855 Watch Download Download Download I followed the provided instructions from the web page INKCHIP_Instruction_WF4630.pdf; Which really didn't speak specifically to my printer in the instructions so I kind of made my own. For STEP 4. Enter the printer in firmware mode; I took the updated directions above applicable for the WF-2850 family and initiated the update from a normal startup. This worked because I did have Epson cartridges installed, so I was no longer receiving the invalid cartridge error once it started up, so I had a normal startup. I then initiated the INKCHIP.net_Firmware_WF2850.exe at Step 5 rather than stalling at 70 / 80%, the update ran to a clean end of job! I did see the “FINISHED” on the display, however there was no flickering or anything else, it displayed it's normal printer status window. After about five minutes I simply shut the printer down. Following again the INKCHIP_Instruction_WF4630.pdf instructions provided from the web page at Step 6 through Step 10 there were no differences! I hope these instructions might assist someone else with similar issues to what I had run into. I am a VERY HAPPY InkChip.Net customer 😉 Thanks again for all your input!
  2. Final portion of the update, hits 99% complete....and then fails! Please help!!!
  3. Hi, I was correct in that the printer could NOT be updated due to the non-Epson print cartridges were still in the printer, (and thus Epson was complaining). Once I purchased Epson cartridges, the process began as one would expect! Problem now is, per directions above, the update did NOT get stuck between 70/80%, instead the update ran till about 98% and then complained it had not been successful?? Please assist!!
  4. Has anyone gotten this process to successfully complete? Mine states "The firmware update printer could not be updated": I wonder if the issue is that I am NOT currently using EPSON Ink, so the printer is still attempting to use the Non-Epson Ink I previously had installed? Perhaps this is the "Ensure that the printer is not middle of the setup."? Please help!
  5. Still failed: And this was AFTER disabling all Firewalls and Antivirus software, appears to hit error at about 14% ??
  6. Or to clarify more: Will the instructions for the Work Force 2850 be corrected to also include the WF-2850? Thanks!
  7. I have this issue as well? Will the Read me be corrected? Thanks!
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