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  1. Yes I downloaded the 99 software and used it everything working ok...Type in the code given for authorisation do not copy and paste...
  2. Sorry I have no experience with your printer type...The only thing I can think of is trying to re-flash your software with the old version then start again. My Epson 15000 still shows my old version of the old firmware because they (Inkchip) sent an updated version of their software but my only problem was with the copy and paste with the activation number...and all I did was to type in the activation code then the software activated which completed the install.
  3. The problem I had was that I copied and pasted the activation key into the box given....the problem was that there were a few spaces included in beginning of the code so it would not fit the box so it was leaving out some of the numbers....all I done was to type the activation code given into the box provided...hope this helps Make sure you have stopped all automatic updates for your firmware on the Epson
  4. Hi Working wonderfully for me at present...better than I should expect I think...all my colours are showing full...but as I said I have printed quite a few Tri fold brochures using a lot of cyan...and the cartridge showed about 1/3 full when I finished printing so I clicked the "change cartridge" button so as to get the position for refill...didn't take the cartridge out but carefully filled the cartridge in position... as soon as I could see the cartridge was full I replaced the bung clicked finished and it showed full again...thought how wonderful if it could be if they all did that...well I just finished printing all black page's with some white text yellow picture's and text and sure enough the black cartridge showed a small amount left in the cartridge after printing about 12 A5 pages filled it the same way again clicked on finish on the printer menu boom back to full...the reason I'm pleased is that in my understanding the Ink's should be showing full at all times and not reporting how much ink you have used ?... when I look at the menu to show how much Ink has been used (computer software and printer screen they show used amounts with all colour's (as they did originally) however when I fill any of the ink cartridge's They all show full ink once again...I will have to try and remember the position of the inks before filling...like I said it's working great for me...Hope yours come's back from Epson ready to go again...if only Epson would look at trying to stop Fleecing user's of their Printers with outrageous prices on their inks all this could go away. Regards Terry
  5. As an after thought...I reinstalled the 99 solution a couple of times... I waited on the last install and it went up to 94% before I shut ii down through task master ( I waited until it shut it's self down before I pressed the start up button. Terry
  6. My original was NWO7WC...Then nw2017...This is what I found on the NW2017...(which I think is solution 99 appended) Recovery Mode Firmware version NW20I7 for Epson XP-15000This file contains the Recovery Mode Firmware Update for the Epson XP-15000. Notes: This firmware update should only be used if your printer's control panel displays a recovery mode error. A USB cable is required. Make sure no other USB devices are connected to the computer during the update process. Do not unplug, power-off or attempt to use the printer during the update process. This update may take up to 15 minutes to complete. My current is still the NW2017... reading it from the printer right now... but I updated it with the 99 solution from inkchip Once I sorted the copy and paste thing everything is going OK (fingers crossed) I did have a few small blobs on my prints but when I cleaned up the seal on the cartridge all was fine. Strange thing after printing a couple of two sided brochure's using a lot of cyan the ink cartridge shows some use...all others are showing full let you know haw it pans our. Terry
  7. See my discovery above My printer is now working chipless thanks for your comments and suggestions...hope yours is working now after you had the print error.
  8. Thanks Admin....Your advice falls a little short and a little bit on the cheeky side...I sorted this out myself telling you the conclusion by direct Email...I discovered that when I copied your code from my email your code number had been inserted with a Quote mark and 3 spaces in front of the code number.. copying and pasting the code didn't allow sufficient room in the activation field for the whole number to be inserted... hence the code could not be recognised...so I told YOU to address this mistake by ensuring YOU paste the code number more carefully into your Emails or instruct customers to type the code in...I worked hard to solve the problem myself making a video and various screen shots...nothing from you was forthcoming other than "make sure you click on the right button" and are you sure your clicking the right button...I hope MY suggestion helps others who are having the same problems but having Admin tell me "I also see you leave spaces in front of the key-you can't do that erase it" was a little rich after YOU were shown by ME in the first place. Now go and tell other customers in your instructions to type the code numbers into the activation code field OR better still paste YOUR code numbers into YOUR Emails correctly.
  9. Yes I have tried most things pasting the SN and tech stuff into the box/field all to no avail...still nothing from Admin yet though???
  10. Not had any reply myself... unfortunately I have done it the way you suggest but it still asks me for my SN...which is shown in the box anyway so there's something not working for my firmware...glad to see yours has worked...I have just wrote a new item on the forum hopefully someone will answer...good luck Terry
  11. XP 15000 I have downloaded 99 solution...when I click "activate online" my serial number + tech data is shown then i get a box "input your SN...I type in my serial number then I get "SN error" please check. I have tried to insert my Activation code in this box but that does not work Whilst my serial number is shown in the "serial & id code box I have copied the activation code sent and pasted it into the activation code box and I get "Activation code can not be recognize" activation.pdf
  12. I have installed from link sent to another 15000 user call it the 99 solution... It worked so that my serial number was generated within the activation box when I pasted my code into the activation part it would no recognize the number awaiting reply from inkchip activation.pdf
  13. I have installed from link sent to another 15000 user call it the 99 solution... It worked so that my serial number was generated within the activation box when I pasted my code into the activation part it would no recognize the number awaiting reply from inkchip
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