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  1. Yes! I followed the instructions and it all worked out! Thank you so much.
  2. I need help. My firmware doesn't work on the XP 640. Printer doesn't appear to select. I work a lot, I can't hold up work. It's an emergency!
  3. You can buy any that suits you and compatible with your printer. And as John said you can buy it without chips. It will be chipper than with them.
  4. Definitely YES! It's completely another experience.
  5. It's Ok, try it. You won't regret it. Do you use CISS or Cartridges?
  6. If you have 3 printers in the office it means you print pretty much. CISS is almost same as ink cartridge. So you won't need to print more than you do it now.
  7. No problem with this model. There are only 2 things you need to care about. 1. Quality of CISS. a lot of made in china CISS is very poor quality. You would regret not spending few bucks more when you will try to clean up leaked inks from everywhere. 2. INK quality. Same as with CISS. Don't buy trash inks. You can check and use original inks from Epson ecotank. It's cheaper than use epson cartridges.
  8. My printer WF-3720 updated last night to the latest Epson firmware. How can I recover chipless solution I had? The key I bought before doesn't work now.
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