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  1. After trying several other things, for some reason the activation program now wanted a serial #, no mention of that in the video or any other place. Long story short, the serial # is the same as the activation code. Funny, their was a number in the box that said serial #, but noooo that would be to easy.
  2. I just got my code for the wf 3733 and after successfully flashing the correct firmware, I activated it but says wrong id code. Do I need to take the cartages out..? Seen in instructions something about putting them in, but not taking them out. Hear is a picture, I have tried several time, sometimes when I click activate, it seems to do something and says some read erro but most time does nothing but say wrong code. Also when I copy the code from the email it has a extra character at the start the black dot, I have tried with and without the dot. BRB7J-49WJD-QY3F2-Q46QG-7R8CJ
  3. I read this about your key, "The key has a limited validity period". Does this mean the key only works for 30 day or how long does it work. What does it mean.
  4. Thanks, I had the same question. How did your modification go...? Getting ready to do my 3733. Do you know why they sale 5 keys, does one expire or is it for 5 different computers.
  5. So you bought 2 keys, one for each printer, both printer are the same, but the program only works with one of the printers.
  6. I see when I go to buy a activation key, I can buy one, or five. Why would I want or need 5 keys.
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