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  1. I have explained my problem to customer service in detail and sent pics I have To printers the one with inkchip on it not Printing I have to of the same printer the other works fine printer number 1 works perfectly to when I take out inkchip so inkchip is the problem after waiting to get a response for half a day inkchip ask did I try both of them I told them everything sent them pics and they still don’t get it
  2. Hi I have brand new 2 epson p 600 printers1 I installed the inkchip software to and it won’t print using acrorip. the other one working perfectly so I went back to epson firmware it works perfectly I need help badly
  3. I have 2 epson p600 the one I added Inkchip firmware to won’t print using my printing program acrorip.but the other with out the Inkchip firmware work perfectly. when I take firmware off it works perfectly I wasn’t told this thing is not compatible with some printing programs.
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