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  1. nope - I'm using this one: https://inkchip.net/download/INKCHIP.net_Firmware_WF3720_v1.rar I'll try the one you just sent later and let you know. Thank you.
  2. ...I said I did that. I updated the firmware. Then went on to step two. I turned my printer on. Then what? What's supposed to happen? Nothing happens.
  3. Uploading the firmware is step one.... I did that already. I said I was on step two. Please advise or return my $30 since this isn't working.
  4. I said that I already did step one (the firmware step). I'm on step two. And it gave an error message, as I mentioned. I watched the video several times. I'm doing what it says. I'm just stuck at that "wrong ID code" error message.
  5. I have the same issue as many others - when I click "Activate Online," it gives me an error message: "Wrong ID Code." I don't understand the instructions that are given to others. I've successfully completed step 1. Step two - I'm supposed to turn the printer on? I did. I pressed the power button. But it then shows a maintenance error - that the ink cartridges are not installed properly (I've removed them - I tried both with them and without them). Then nothing happens. Is something supposed to happen? Am I supposed to do anything else? I've tried several things - turning my computer off then on again. Unplugging my printer, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. I've tried starting from step one again thinking maybe these steps have to be done back to back fairly quickly instead of waiting like 30 minutes between the steps. I'm not sure what else to try. Please help. And please don't just repeat the steps - please explain step 2 because I'm not understanding it. If someone else had success with those steps, please let me know how to do it - maybe I'm just misunderstanding something. Thanks in advance!
  6. I have the same issue, but I'm not sure what you mean by "switch on in normal mode" - unless it's just pushing the power button on the printer to make it turn on. Which I did, and it says that I'm out of black & cyan ink. (I already did step 1 and it seemed to work fine). I'm then not sure what will be uploading after turning the printer on. Nothing is happening...am I supposed to DO something after turning the printer on? Is the printer supposed to DO something? I'm confused :-( Oh, WF-3733 for reference...
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