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  1. The software for the 2150 model is definitely not compatible.Waste of money. I purchased a license because at first it was advertised as compatible and listed on the software page,now it is removed after the devs realized they just tried passing a related model's flash as an actual solution. as you can see by the dislikes on YouTube that is the case with other printers as well and I'm tired of this back and forth conversation with useless suggestions and vague 'tips'. I want a refund on my order as I have lost valuable time, left with a printer that recognizes no cartridges and had to purchase a new and expensive printer cause of my work. all I got was mumbo jumbo, not that I even got to activate anything as nothing was working anyway so I demand a full refund so I don't have reasons to expose you as a fraudulent operation. REFUND my FAULTY UNACTIVATED software that will not work even though I was assured it would ASAP so I can be on my way cause I have work to do and no time for this.. If you do it then you can delete my posts, delete my account do as you wish.
  2. yes the process never makes it to 100% even if I plug and unplug
  3. Doesn't work. It throws an error at 99% I remove the plug and retry just in case then it throws the same error so after that I try the other 'unofficial' method of ending the process via task bar after it resets but stalls at around 80% at which point if I let it as per forum instructions it wont gο into flashing mode, it won't go into flashing mode either if i press the triangular 'cancel' key as per instructions posted on YouTube.
  4. In any device and with any configuration ending the task will not get the printer to go into flashing mode.. Perhaps we should also press some key combo on the printer to initialize it?
  5. the computer connects properly to the address via telnet but the activation throws a 10060 error but the upload program doesn't manage to flash the printer anyway, even if I interrupt the process before some error flag is triggered at 70 to 80% the printer never goes into 'flashing lights mode' to indicate that the upload was successful and that it installed the new firmware..
  6. The issue really is that the printer never goes blinking after the uploading process like something went wrong there, that issue persists.
  7. If I attempt to activate online I get communication error 10060
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