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  1. In any device and with any configuration ending the task will not get the printer to go into flashing mode.. Perhaps we should also press some key combo on the printer to initialize it?
  2. the computer connects properly to the address via telnet but the activation throws a 10060 error but the upload program doesn't manage to flash the printer anyway, even if I interrupt the process before some error flag is triggered at 70 to 80% the printer never goes into 'flashing lights mode' to indicate that the upload was successful and that it installed the new firmware..
  3. The issue really is that the printer never goes blinking after the uploading process like something went wrong there, that issue persists.
  4. If I attempt to activate online I get communication error 10060
  5. Still not working. Can you walk me through the steps in case I am doing something wrong and the flasher has done its job right? If it's a flasher error advise on the resolution of that problem instead. I tried putting the randomly generated key alone as well as the whole string and still nothing.
  6. van

    Firmware errors at 99%

    I am experiencing the same issue with an XP-2150 and no standard procedure will work or even SuziniNC's suggestion
  7. My printer is the XP-2150. The firmware program always gets stuck at 99% even if I unplug the printer then turn it back on. I always run it on regular mode and the program on administrator mode with antivirus turned off. This makes no sense..
  8. I am however experiencing the issue where the flasher is stuck at 99% even after unplugging and turning on the printer on regular mode..
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