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  1. Since March!!!!???? Did you try to contact this inkchip? I WhatsApp the inkchip guy but did not get his response Nor see him being active in whatsapp
  2. updated my wf 2850 firmware --- it shows BL05K now. tried the activation software that was downloaded from INKCHIP. It shows the activation software being upgraded.(see pic - "ink.jpg" below).. till 100% then shutdown. It will say, restart the activation software. When I restart it --- it shows nothing, no printer USB etc ( see "ink2.jpg" Been trying this for 3 days. (downloaded new activation software, deleting the old software) ... still cant reach its server or something. tried on different computer ... also tried testing telnet (which is working) So what is the activation software issue, admin please help?
  3. I been doing it for 2 days, still cant reach their server
  4. the activation application does not show my printer. even after it has been updated to 100%. could it be their server problem?
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