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  1. The key was successfully used. Just changed the printer cards, and they worked.
  2. I purchased an Activation Key for my Epson XP-441. It was sent to me, but I am doing a procedure and an error appears try again. 10091. Do you know what's going on?
  3. I want to know how to buy keys for chipless, I want to buy 20 or more of each model. awaiting return. on the site I can't get more than 5 keys. thankful
  4. la versión que estoy instalando es 10.43.FA24I5 y la versión de la impresora es 10.44.FA25JA
  5. Agree on inks, don't buy cheap inks. I lost two printheads with it. There are a lot of inks which are not worse than Epson inks. Check in your nearest shop with printers they usually can offer you good alternative to oem inks.
  6. Don't worry, I have installed this chipless firmware for some SC-P600 and SC-P800. The printing quality is always same as on original firmware.
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