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  1. Figured it out (I think). The computer needs to be connected to the internet in order for it to verify the code. This is something that the website should state when you purchase the codes.
  2. Yes, code was copied and pasted, both using the mouse and cntrl c/cntrl v. I have 5 codes, all different lengths. Shouldn't they be the same length? I've already sent an email for support but never got anything back.
  3. I purchased the 5 pack of WIC codes back on Apr 7th. I went to use one today and it's saying it an invalid code. I tried all 5 codes and all 5 are saying invalid. I purchased another single code as I am desperate to get some printing done tonight and the new code is saying the same thing. I believe I was sent the chipless codes rather than the WIC codes.
  4. I've purchased the 5 pack of the WIC codes. It's not reading my 4880 at all (4800 series is listed). My 1900, it sees it, but it will not read the levels on it. Any ideas what's going on?
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