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  1. Hello? I sent and email and it keeps bouncing back to me! Please help me!
  2. I sent the order number in an email! For some reason my emails are having trouble going through so please let me know that you get it! I would like to resolve this issue! Thank you!
  3. Version 1.0.0

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    This is the message it shows me when I try to put my activation key! Help! I can't fit it all in that blank!
  4. Hello! I purchased a new activation key and when I try to enter it into the box, it doesn't have enough letters to fit my activation key. I already installed the firmware, this should be the last step. I put "Activate online" and when the box pops up and I paste in the key, only a little bit pastes into the box. I don't know how to put a screen shot into this forum and I already tried emailing you but it got sent back to me me. Please help! If you need a screen shot, please respond an I can email one?
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