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  1. so I did watch the video and unplugged the printer when the load gets stuck around 80%. when I plug the printer back in it turns back on automatically (I didn't need to press the power on button) and the firmware loading process continues on my computer screen. this is where it then jumps from 80 to 99%, but then stops and gives me that error message. This is what I don't understand, am I supposed to continue on with the activation process or is there in fact an error with the firmware install process I need to fix?
  2. I have the WF-2850 and followed the install video step by step and still can not seem to get the firmware to install. Reading other forum questions it seems a lot of people forget about unplugging the printer and waiting the 10 seconds. I've done that and am still having issues. I currently have Epson cartridge's installed, black ink is full but I am running very low on color ink causing the green power light to blink at all times (indicating need to replace cartridge) when the unit is powered on. Is there a chance this is causing the firmware to not install?
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