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  1. All new WF-C5710 are getting the CU10L3 firmware and we are not able to get INKCHIP running. I saw that there's a new inkchip version for C5790, but not for C5710. Are you going to release a update soon? PLEASE!
  2. I have a Epson Workforce Pro WF-C5710 and my order number is 183632. Just saw another post with the issue: Is there any prediction for solving it?
  3. I also tried to update the firmware using both download firmware mode and normal mode. Just after buying the printer and before initialize it I installed inkchip firmware and restart the printer and I got a scanner error and I could not use the printer. As far as I read it's about new components in scanner's printer. So I reinstalled (downgraded) original firmware CU10L3 and now I'm waiting for a new version to work. HOPE you can solve it soon. TKS
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